About us

Crystal Corn s.r.o. is the only importer and distributer of products of several important producers, which are: Spanjaard Ltd., Falcon Lubricants Ltd., Annecat Plastics CC and Samrod Chemicals CC. As the importer of chemical products, it meets all standard criteria set by the EU. Crystal Corn s.r.o. has been part of distribution and import for more than ten years. Its activities keep expanding thanks to a high quality of products and excellent consumer`s service.

The goal of the company is to simplify and improve the quality of manufacturing processes, which results in an increase in manufacturing productivity and decrease in maintainance and repair expenses of basic means. The wear and tear caused by excessive friction, as well as corosion, causes extensive damage to the producers every year. Their impact is noticeable even in the need of a bigger production of manufacturing components themselves, which then contributes to gradual liquidation of natural resources. Products imported by Crystal Corn totally minimize these losses. Crystal Corn then not only helps to save the mediums of production for producers themselves but also contributes to the Czech economy, especially the environment.

The complete contents of products which Crystal Corn s.r.o. imports covers a whole group of various industrial and consumer branches. Given that many of them are universal, we placed them into areas corresponding to the description for a given use. If you are not able to find a product in a certain area, please try to use a name or a description in our search engine. Processing of polymers Mould releases, protective products for forms, lubricants, form and machine cleaners, extruder cleaners Processing of metals: anti-corrosive products, lubricants, instrument cleaners, metal shaping pastes, assembly pastes Automobile: petrol, petroleum, oil additives and supplements, means for cleaning and treating vehicle interiors, paint and disk cleaners and protectants, everything for vehicle maintence and upkeep Electronics: electric and non-electric lubricants, cleaners for interior parts of machines, engine cleaners and several other specialized products Food industry: food lubricants and separators, manufacturing equipment cleaners Bicycles: special lubricants for chains and fine parts, cleaners, conservatives Rubber belt conveyer, Elevators, Cableway: steel cable lubricants, bearing lubricants for outside use, several products resisting high voltage Other products


The company Crystal Corn has been operating in import and distribution of lubricants since 1994. It was founded by JuDr. Milan Nestaval first as a business company Crystal Corn – JuDr. Milan Nestaval. From the beginning it has concentrated on the import of South African specialized industrial products. Shortly after it was founded, a contract was created exclusively for the import and distribution of Spanjaard Ltd.`s products. In a short time their products were in high demand on the Czech market thanks to their quality. In an effort to enter the quickly expanding plastic industry, Crystal Corn began to import products of Falcon Lubricants Ltd. and Samrod Chemicals CC. Thus they succeeded in completing an assortment of highly demanded cleaners and separators. At the beginning of 2002, due to Crystal Corn`s success, the business company Crystal Corn changed to Crystal Corn s.r.o. with JuDr. Milan Nestaval as the CEO of the company. The position of the company was therefore confirmed. In July 2003 Crystal Corn succeeded in obtaining another exclusive agent in the import. This time it was a manufacturer of a scarce extruder cleaner, Annecat Plastics CC. In the next several years Crystal Corn was succesful in establishing a convincing professional background which is appreciated not only by wholesalers but also by individual manufacturers. Present Nowadays Crystal Corn s.r.o. is one of the leaders among distributors of special lubricants on the Czech and Slovak market. It does not represent the distributing function only in our region. The company`s present trend is to become the distributer and importer to neighboring countries where Crystal Corn s.r.o.is gradually gaining diverse clientelle in many industrial areas. The company still considers consistent high quality and a fair approach to all business partners, regardless of size, as the most important factors.